./configure unclear

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at UGent.be
Wed May 24 04:22:46 EDT 2006


I have some remarks and questions about ./configure --help

*) ./configure  --help says:

By default, `make install' will install all the files in
`/usr/local/bin', `/usr/local/lib' etc.  You can specify
an installation prefix other than `/usr/local' using `--prefix',
for instance `--prefix=$HOME'.

   This is not true :).  Cyrus installs here by default :

prefix = /usr/local
exec_prefix = ${prefix}
cyrus_prefix = /usr/cyrus

Some files get installed in /usr/cyrus/bin too.

*) --with-cyrus-prefix --prefix  --with-service-path

Now that are a lot of options and there explanation isn't that clear:

--with-cyrus-prefix=DIR    use DIR as cyrus server install directory
--with-service-path=DIR    use DIR as service install directory
--prefix=PREFIX   install architecture-independent files in PREFIX
--exec-prefix=EPREFIX   install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX

Changing --prefix doesn't change --with-cyrus-prefix .  I think it 
should be that if I change --prefix everything gets installed under 
--prefix.  I do not know why cyrus has the --with-cyrus-prefix option. 
So I can't say if it reasonable or not (Or that I'm unreasonable :).

To summerize, you have to run configure with --prefix and 
--with-cyrus-prefix if you want to make sure cyrus installs all files 
under a different directory.  In my case I (want to) install my cyrus 
under /usr/cyrus-version. And I then link /usr/cyrus to 
/usr/cyrus-version.  I then add /usr/cyrus/man then to my man path.  So 
no mather what cyrus version is running I always get the right man pages.

Maybe the help message should be made more clearer?

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