2.3.4 working with 2.2.13 and 2.3.3 ???

Mike casper at snigelpost.org
Wed May 24 04:19:55 EDT 2006

I added a new 2.3.4 server to my murder setup, from scratch.

The servers in the murder are running 2.2.13 and 2.3.3.

When i added a new server with v2.3.4 create mailboxes works fine.
But when i want to read mail or delete mail i get strange errors.

### Delete mail
ERROR: Bad or malformed request.
Query: COPY "Trash"
Server responded: Invalid sequence in Uid

### Read mail
ERROR: Could not complete request.
Unknown response from IMAP server: 1.

I have no quota, no replication, nothing strange in my setup.
The errors are only on mailboxes on the 2.3.4 server.

All delivered mail looks like "Unknown date" in squirellmail but in the
mailspool the mail are correct as on the 2.2.13,2.3.3 servers that works

So are there any problems to set up a 2.3.4 server to the existing murder
enviroment or must i uppgrade all my servers to 2.3.4?

There are nothing strange in any log on any server and all permissins are

PS, all the problems came when i tried to upgrade a frontend to 2.3.4, i
couldn't delete mail, same errors as above.

When i downgraded to 2.3.3 and/or 2.2.13 it works again..!!??


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