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> Well I want to get IMAP running on my FreeBSD box and would like to have a
> safe, non service-interrupting strategy to implementing it.  I am leaning
> toward installing cyrus imapd.  I have some questions about how to get
> things working.
> 1)	Can somebody please recommend a good FAQ about how-to get IMAP running
> my FreeBSD machine?
> 2)	Are there things I should be aware of before I start the process?
> 3)	I don’t completely understand how IMAP works – is there a good
> tutorial about this subject?
> 4)	I don’t completely understand how local mail delivery will change
> – is there a good tutorial about this subject?

not to discourage you, but IMAP in general and cyrus-imapd specifically 
aren't very easy to learn. To understand how IMAP works (and some outdated 
information about Cyrus) I recommend this book:


I also found this on O'Reilly's site:


Anyway, IMHO you may be better off with a simpler IMAP server for starters. 
Check out UW-imapd and Dovecot. Don't bother with Courier, it's not a real 
IMAP server. Once you get the hang of things and feel you need the special 
advantages Cyrus offers, you can still check it out.
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