Imap slow opening folder

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Wed May 24 03:45:41 EDT 2006

Zitat von Davide Pasquale <pasquale.davide at>:

> Hi all!
> I have a setup where Cyrus-Imap 2.1.15, Cyrus-Sasl 2.1.15,  Sendmail 8.13
> is installed on an  HPUX Itanium server. I use with success Saslauthd that
> authenticate users over an openldap linux RH3 server using pam modules.
> All is fine user can login and receive emails from Sendmail with no delay
> but I have only one issue, when users open their imap folders for the first
> time  (using webmail or thunderbird) the response from the server is affcted
> by a delay of over 15 sec also with no messages in the folders.  After this
> time is elapsed all is extremely fast!
> Can you help me?
> Excuse for my english and thanks.

As far as i remember there are problems with mmap used by Cyrus on 
HP-UX. Search the archives for some workarounds or status of the 



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