Imap slow opening folder

Davide Pasquale pasquale.davide at
Tue May 23 15:45:41 EDT 2006

Hi all!

I have a setup where Cyrus-Imap 2.1.15, Cyrus-Sasl 2.1.15,  Sendmail 8.13
is installed on an  HPUX Itanium server. I use with success Saslauthd that
authenticate users over an openldap linux RH3 server using pam modules.
All is fine user can login and receive emails from Sendmail with no delay
but I have only one issue, when users open their imap folders for the first
time  (using webmail or thunderbird) the response from the server is affcted
by a delay of over 15 sec also with no messages in the folders.  After this
time is elapsed all is extremely fast!

Can you help me?

Excuse for my english and thanks.
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