Multiple problems with Cyrus 2.3.x

Lenny rahl at
Tue May 23 07:22:28 EDT 2006


We've been running Cyrus for well over a year now supporting over  
30,000 email accounts. We use a Murder setup, with virtualdomain  
support. We also use socketmap to insure the user exists during the  
smtp session.

We were previously using 2.2.12 with very good luck. No real issues to  
speak up. There were some things in the 2.3 releases that I wanted,  
replication, the murder changes, and the socketmap changes (to check  
quota's). So we upgraded, after I did all the testing I could think of.


1) Sendmail goes completely out in the weeds. This seems to happen  
multiple times per day per frontend. Sendmail will spew "Deferred:  
Connection reset by localhost" messages in maillog (like has been  
mentioned in another thread). Unfortunately, I can't seem to get any  
useful debugging information as to what the cause is. I suspect it has  
something to do with lmtp as the problem was non-existant with 2.2.12  
(tho earlier versions did have the problem, and I was never able to  
figure out the cause with them either).

2) We use Horde/Imp as webmail for our customers. This has also, in  
the past, been rock solid. Now with the upgrades users with large  
emails (a meg or larger) seem to not be able to receive their email at  
all through webmail (timeout). I can't seem to find the core issue  
here either, very frustrating. Both the server with webmail on it, and  
the Cyrus servers are on the same subnet, only seperated by a Cisco  
switch (which has been test, and is in perfect working order).

#1 is a major major issue. It causes mail to be queue'd, sometimes for  
long periods of time, and I can't seem to find a specific cause other  
than it started after the upgrade.

Any suggestion would be very welcome by my dwindling sanity.


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