Replication and Virtual Domains

John Capo jc at
Fri May 19 13:25:02 EDT 2006

Quoting David Carter (dpc22 at
> On Mon, 15 May 2006, Ken Murchison wrote:
> >replication and virtdomains should work together, but currently don't. 
> >IIRC, David's code was written against Cyrus 2.1,which was before 
> >virtdomains.
> Yes, that's correct.
> >I never even thought about virtdomains (or altnamespace) when I ported 
> >the code.  Its on my TODO list, but I can'tgive you a timetable.
> altnamespace shouldn't be a problem (we use it). The replication code 
> works entirely in the internal namespace.

I can confirm that replication works fine with the alternate name
space.  In use here for just over a year now.

John Capo

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