mailboxes.db backend comparison

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed May 17 14:21:03 EDT 2006

I've been doing some more testing of Cyrus Murder operation.  My most 
recent test was to rebuild the mupdate master mailboxes.db from my backend 
server.  Both the backend and the mupdate master were configured for a 
skiplist mailboxes.db format.  The size of the mailboxes.db is 146382 
mailboxes.  Then, I configured the mupdate master to use berkeley for 
mailboxes.db.  Here are the times it took to do the full sync from the 
backend to the mupdate master:

skiplist - 20-25 minutes
berkeley - 3 minutes

I know many people have decided to use skiplist for all their Cyrus 
databases, but this seems like a clear advantage for Berkeley DB.  Any 


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