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Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon May 15 13:00:08 EDT 2006

On Mon, 15 May 2006, Jeffrey T Eaton wrote:

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> Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> Is there public edit access to the Cyrus wiki at:
>> anymore?
>> I would like to add a topic on failure modes of the Cyrus Murder mupdate
>> master.
> You need to register for an account, but anyone can do so.  (No
> anonymous edits are allowed.)

At first I just tried to Edit the page, which displayed an HTTP auth 
dialog box that says:

   ...  Cancel to register if you do not have one.  ...

Cancelling at this point gives a HTTP 401 error, and then a 404 handling 
the ErrorDocument.   :)

Now I see that there is a Register link on the left (duh!).  However, 
after I fill out my information and hit submit, I get the following error 


   Visual Confirmation failed

   The visual confirmation has expired.

   Please go back in your browser and try again.

The URL for this page is:

Help!  :)


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