no global admin with virtual domains? [was Re: saslpasswd and virtual domains]

former03 | Baltasar Cevc baltasar.cevc at
Mon May 15 03:26:47 EDT 2006

Hi Rudy,

On 15.05.2006, at 08:49, Rudy Gevaert wrote:

> mitrohin a.s. wrote:
>> defaultdomain always is removed from username. imho, sasl routines
>> use hostname as realm for this case.
> Sadly If I set the default domain to the hostname from the machine and 
> add the user 'cyrus' with saslpasswd it can't login yet.
> jura:/mail/mail1# cat etc/imapd.conf:
> defaultdomain: jura
> admins: cyrus at cyrus
The first address would be the virtual domain admin of, 
the second is a global admin - you have to set a SASL secret for 
cyrus@<servername>. In case your servername is you should 
delete the first entry.
I haven't completely undestood the domain conversions, however, if I'm 
not misunderstood, defaultdomain has only one function: to be replaced 
by the servername - meaning that in your example if you try to login as 
user1 at jura, you'd end up with the same result as user1 at 
(supposing that that's your servername).

Hope that helps,


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