Moving 2 into 1 on a new machine

Michael Johnson kaiser at
Sun May 7 01:00:16 EDT 2006

Hi all

I have a machine I'm replacing.  It was a little short on disk space  
and I had the cyrus mailboxes on 2 disks.  Now that I'm moving to a  
new machine with more space, I need to know what sort of problems  
I'll be running into when I try to combine the two into one.

I was planning on shutting the SMTP and Cyrus IMAP server down, using  
rsync to get the files over to the new machine, change over the IPs,  
and then reactivate them.

This is a little simplified, but what am I missing?  There's a  
secondary MX to spool the mail during the downtime.  The users will  
be synchronized, but the ones needed for Cyrus are already there.


There will always be those who dare to take great risks. Rather than  
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