Redelivery of ham in Spam training

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Wed May 3 02:50:09 EDT 2006

I just found the 'best thing since sliced bread':

Fantastic front end to amavisd ... moves the training/reporting/rescue to 
a web front end, and keeps it out of the mailbox ...

Its finally allowed me to get rid of the spamcheck 'python link to lmtp' 
which was a nightmare, and allows me to do per-user anti-virus and spam 
processing, instead of 'either on, or off, for a whole domain' ...

  On Mon, 1 May 2006, Jorey Bump wrote:

> John McMonagle wrote:
>> Jorey Bump wrote:
>>> John McMonagle wrote:
>>>> Any simple way to find the local recipient the message was going to?
>>> Deliver it to them first. Then they can volunteer a copy and you can 
>>> discard it after training. It's still a bad idea, but may be useful if the 
>>> participants are restricted and trustworthy.
>> Mailbox is shared by a few trusted users.
>> Hope were back on track.
> In that case, it's still easier to let these users do your classification. 
> Instead of moving the trained messages, delete them and purge. Since you are 
> training your bayes database, it will help in the long run.
> The problem is that once the message is delivered, recipient information is 
> usually lost. The MTA keeps track of destination addresses while the messages 
> are in its queue, but an IMAP server only manages recipient mailboxes. I use 
> postfix, and put messages with marginal SpamAssassin scores in the HOLD queue 
> for inspection. I delete 99% of these, so I usually don't bother to retrain 
> on the false positives. I will retrain on the junk that leaks through to my 
> own account, though. Periodic SpamAssassin upgrades are more helpful, and new 
> rules bootstrap the bayes database pretty well.
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