Redelivery of ham in Spam training

Jorey Bump list at
Mon May 1 17:42:13 EDT 2006

John McMonagle wrote:
> Took perl script from
> and modified it.
> Send marginal scoring spam to a shared mailbox spamtrain.

So everyone gets to see each other's false positives? Very, very bad idea.

> Have people sort messages to spam or ham folder.

You really trust your people.

> Each hour run script and do training on each message and  move to 
> trained subfolder.
> That much works.
> What I want to do is for each message in ham  to move or redeliver to 
> the person it should have gone to.

That person should have gotten the message in the first place, then 
decided if it should be used for training. Even then, all it takes is 
one evil, stupid, or careless user to ruin your training.

> Any simple way to find the local recipient the message was going to?

Deliver it to them first. Then they can volunteer a copy and you can 
discard it after training. It's still a bad idea, but may be useful if 
the participants are restricted and trustworthy.

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