migrating to a different db

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Mon May 1 11:32:44 EDT 2006

On Sun, 30 Apr 2006, Mark Edwards wrote:

> Can someone tell me what the repercussions of rebuilding cyrus with a 
> different db, say db43 instead of db41, and starting the new one up with the 
> same data and configuration?  Will it run?  Will there be data corruption of 
> any kind?

The safest and most reliable way to perform that upgrade is to use 
cvt_cyrusdb to convert your databases to plaintext using the old binaries. 
Then upgrade the software and use cvt_cyrusdb again to convert back into 
berkeley DB.

An alternative, but somewhat risky, method is to simple delete (rename 
might be safer) the contents of <configdirectory>/db/.  The files in that 
directory are the Berkeley DB transaction logs, etc, and can be safely 
deleted in my experience.  Also, everytime I have changed Berkeley DB 
versions, I would get DB corruption warnings when I start Cyrus if I did 
not empty that directory.

It would be smart to have backups too, just in case. :)


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