cyrus cluster - veritas - sun - or else

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Fri Mar 31 13:47:24 EST 2006

lenny at wrote:

>Can anyone share experiences with setting up cyrus in active-active cluster
>environment. Things like OS, cluster software, storage, filesystem, config
>options, locking type, database or flat and any other tips and tricks.
The University of Pittsburgh is running cyrus imap on a 4-node 
active-active Veritas cluster.  To answer your questions, it's all 
Solaris 8, Veritas cluster software, an EMC cx700 SAN for storage, 
Veritas Cluster filesystem, relatively normal cyrus config options with 
a "node-name" option added as a way to create unique lmtp delivery stage 
files, using all flat for the cyrus db files.

During the time I worked there, it proved to be remarkably stable.  When 
it was originally set up, there were some performance problems with 
Veritas Cluster filesystem.  Minor code modifications to cyrus (to 
change the mmap behavior) solved that, and it performed extremely well 
after that.



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