Orphaned(?) mailboxes

Nikola Milutinovic alokin1 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 31 03:17:40 EST 2006

> For the initial set up, I set "partition-default: /home/imap" and 
> begancreating user mailboxes with "cm user.userid at ourdomain.com".
> This created folders /home/imap/domain/o/ourdomain.com/a/a_userid etc..

As it should.
> However, this was not working somewhere in the conversation betweenpostfix
> and cyrus and mail was not being delivered. I remade mailboxesusing
> "cm user.userid" which created folders /home/imap/a/user/a_useridetc..
> Mail is now flowing but the folders in/home/imap/domain/o/ourdomain.com
> are no longer accessible to the usersin their email client.

Basically, you forgot to setup a "defualt domain". PostFix was delivering
"domain unqualified" mail. i.e. "tplancon at bkaarchs.com" -> "tplancon". Since
"@DOMAIN" part is missing, Cyrus has no idea which domain is to receive the
mail, so it uses "default domain". Most of your problems would have been solved
had you set it up, before creating any mailboxes.

> The Question:
> How do I move the folders in/home/imap/domain/o/ourdomain.com/a/a_userid...
> to the mailboxes in/home/imap/a/user/a_userid and make them usable to the
> folks who reallyown them?

Well, first of all, make up your mind whether you want to use virtual domains
or not. If you have one domain, then that will do. There might be a situation
where you would need to employ VDomains, I just might run into one later in the
afternoon (integration into MS ADS via GSSAPI). Most commonly, you will need
this setup if you really have 2 or more domains on one server. That means 2
domains on the MTA, as well.

Anyway, what are you to do?

Well, default domain mailboxes will always be in "ROOT" directory. I'm not sure
what happens if you have a default domain and create a domain qualified
mailbox. Will it go into a domain dir or ROOT dir. If you now set on option for
a deafult domain, will the two mailbox spools merge, automagically? Or are they

In any case, the mails are not gone, it is just hard to get to them. :-)

You could setup a dummy default domain, then move your orphans from the real
domain to this dummy domain (from "cyradm"!!!!). Verify that the move has
occured. Change default domain to wht you desire. That should get you out of
the fix.

This has one pro and one con side to it. All of your users will be in the
default domain. This is good, since, just one change in config file will give
them a totally different domain. It is also bad, for almost the same reason. I
hate "floating domains", which can be this or that, depending on the config.

You could the other way around: move all mailboxes from the dummy default
domain to the fixed real domain. Then you would have to figure out how to
persuade PostFix to deliver mail to "mailbox at domain", instead of "mailbox". Of
course, with 2 domains, you'll have to figure it out, anyway. I think it is
doable. Dig for more info.


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