2.3 Replication and lost Hardlinks

Michael King mking at webinternational.net
Thu Mar 30 17:02:07 EST 2006

This is actually one of the reasons I stopped using replication, once I
finally got it working.  Hardlinks have saved my butt more than once, and
saved a buttload of storage space, as well.  Being a media company, we
sometimes have huge files CC'd to 4-5 people.

I think this would be an excellent idea, and would definitely reconsider
using replication at this site if this was implemented.



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> Hi All,
> It would appear from my testing of the new 2.3 Replication code, that you
> lose any 'SingleInstanceStore' benefits on the replica as hardlinks on the
> master cannot be reproduced on the replica.
> In my situation, I often have large emails sent to multiple recipients on
> the same server and I am relying on hardlinks to keep my disk usage down.
> In addition, I also have a small pipe between my master and my replica and
> any large emails sent to hundreds of users gets copied over the link
> hundreds times rather that the single delivery done by LMTP.
> I was thinking that maybe one way to solve this might be to have Cyrus to
> keep it's own DB of hardlinked Messages and then it could send a
> replication
> message that effectively resolves to "If you don't have message user.xxxx
> 'nnnn', see if you can create it by hardlinking to one of the following
> messages 'user.foo nnnn,user.bar.Filed nnnn' (if the message hash is the
> same), otherwise I will send you a copy".
> Then when you subsequently replicate "user.bar.Filed nnnnn", you should be
> able to link the message in from the copy you replicated to 'user.xxxx'.
> It would obviously be a little more complicated to deal with some corner
> cases, but what are people's thoughts?
> Is it worth trying to build something like this?
> Do any others on the list make heavy use of hardlinking who would be
> adversely effected by the current replication methodology?
> Cheers,
> Roland
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