Problem with quotas larger than 4 GByte

Klaus Steinberger Klaus.Steinberger at
Wed Mar 29 03:42:31 EST 2006


I have trouble with a power user mailbox, which currently runs near at 4GByte. 
I bumped up the quota to 6 Gbyte, but deliver fails then:

Mar 29 10:08:37 mail lmtpunix[2968]: verify_user(user.dietrich^habs) failed: 
Over quota

cyrus-admin shows the following:

localhost.localdomain> lq user/dietrich.habs
 STORAGE 3722027/6000000 (62.0337833333333%)

So this looks like lmtpunix has an problem with number over 32bit!

I run the following cyrus version:

2.2.12 with autocreate and autosieve patches

As an short time solution I removed quota for this user, but I fear that he 
will run into storage limits.

Klaus Steinberger

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