murder hostname resolution

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Fri Mar 24 21:13:12 EST 2006

I'm playing around with murder in a test environment.  I have an existing 
standalone cyrus server which I have converted into a backend server, a 
frontend server, and a mupdate master server (all separate boxes).

The problem I'm seeing is that the mailbox list being pushed to the 
mupdate master contains only the backend's short hostname, not the fully 
qualified hostname.  Here is an example:

user.aabya      mail1!default   aabya   lrswipcda

This is a problem when I try to connect through the frontend server 
because it is unable to resolve "mail1" to the backend server's hostname.

I checked /etc/hosts and sure enough I had "mail1" listed as  I 
fixed it like so:       localhost      mail1

Then I restarted cyrus on the backend, blew away the mailboxes.db on the 
mupdate master, and pushed the changes to the mupdate server again. 
However, I still see just "mail1" in the mupdate server and the frontend 
still fails to resolve the name "mail1" and find the mailbox.

Any suggestions on how I can the backend to push the fully qualified name 
out to the mupdate server?


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