moving mailboxes across backends

Todd Merritt tmerritt at
Thu Mar 23 16:57:32 EST 2006

I'm setting up cyrus 2.3.3 in a unified murder configuration.  I have 
everything working fine now except that moving a mailbox across backend 
servers does not work correctly.  The proxy user is an admin on the 
backend server.  I get the following on the remove server:

<1142612941<LC1 LOCALCREATE {13+}
 >1142612941>LC1 NO Mailbox already exists
<1142612941<Q01 LOGOUT

I may be completely confused, but it doesn't look like it checks if the 
mailbox is remote.  I modified mboxlist.c to allow it to continue if 
mbtype is MBTYPE_REMOTE, but I then get the following:

<1142624503<LC1 LOCALCREATE {11+}
 >1142624504>LC1 OK Completed
<1142624504<D01 UNDUMP {11+}
user/foobar (NIL {12}
 >1142624504>D01 NO Mailbox is currently reserved
 >1142624504>* BAD Invalid tag
<1142624504<LD1 LOCALDELETE {11+}
 >1142624504>LD1 NO Server(s) unavailable to complete operation
<1142624504<Q01 LOGOUT
 >1142624504>* BYE LOGOUT received

Any suggestions ?


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