Renaming A User

Patrick Radtke phr2101 at
Wed Mar 22 13:03:41 EST 2006

there is a proc directory in your cyrus folder that lists which users  
are logged in through which imap process.
You can look in there. You might also want to check if the user has  
any shared mailboxes that other users are accessing.

As for preventing the user from logging you can temporarily disable  
their password (at least thats what we've done with kerberos)

On Mar 22, 2006, at 12:41 PM, Kai Wang wrote:

> Simon,
> How do you know if a user is logged in?
> Simon Matter wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> I Googled it and looked over the archives and couldn't find a
>>> definitive answer, so I'm going to ask here...
>>> I have a user who got married and changed her name.  On the UNIX  
>>> side
>>> of things, the name change is pretty easy.  I can handle this part.
>>> The part where I'm having trouble is with the name change in cyradm.
>>> I found the old documentation from the O'Reilly book.  However,
>>> that's apparently extremely out of date.  I tried to find an updated
>>> version of "Managing IMAP", but there is apparently not enough call
>>> for it.  I have some pretty heavy lifting to do in the next few
>>> months and would like to have a good reference.
>>> On a different list, someone flippantly suggested I just rename the
>>> user in cyradm.  Is this prudent?  If she has a lot of sub- 
>>> mailboxes,
>>> will they all make it over in the newer versions of cyrus?  As I
>>> recall, this wasn't completely functional at the time the book was
>>> written.
>> You need 'allowusermoves: yes' in /etc/imapd.conf to make renaming  
>> work.
>> Then, when you rename, make absolutely sure the user is not logged in
>> while renaming in cyradm.
>> Simon
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