Re: cyrus + sasl + pam + mysql problem [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser hans.moser at
Wed Mar 22 11:27:29 EST 2006

Rudy Gevaert schrieb:

>>> My cyradm password is set and can be found in the /etc/sasldb2 file.
>> If you have your users in mysql, you don't need anything in /etc/sasldb2.
>> You have to set your admin accounts for cyradm in the mysql db.
> Ok: I removed /etc/sasldb2 and added a user cyradm in my mysql db.  With 
> a password.

> opening an imap connection for a user and using the password of the 
> cyradm user doesn't work.
> Neighter does
> sieveshell  -a cyrus -u rgevaert localhost
> (Before with the sasldb2 file I could get logged in)
Is the username "cyrus" (like in "-a cyrus") or "cyradm"?


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