Renaming A User

Michael Johnson kaiser at
Mon Mar 20 15:08:39 EST 2006

Hi all

I Googled it and looked over the archives and couldn't find a  
definitive answer, so I'm going to ask here...

I have a user who got married and changed her name.  On the UNIX side  
of things, the name change is pretty easy.  I can handle this part.   
The part where I'm having trouble is with the name change in cyradm.   
I found the old documentation from the O'Reilly book.  However,  
that's apparently extremely out of date.  I tried to find an updated  
version of "Managing IMAP", but there is apparently not enough call  
for it.  I have some pretty heavy lifting to do in the next few  
months and would like to have a good reference.

On a different list, someone flippantly suggested I just rename the  
user in cyradm.  Is this prudent?  If she has a lot of sub-mailboxes,  
will they all make it over in the newer versions of cyrus?  As I  
recall, this wasn't completely functional at the time the book was  

I'm running version 2.2.8 on RHEL ES3 with the 2.4.21 kernel.



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