Latin1/UTF8 chars?

Elver Loho elver.loho at
Tue Mar 14 04:44:21 EST 2006


Problem be this.

Mail is sent with specific Estonian characters in it (Latin-1 /
ISO-8859-1 encoded). These chars look like õüäö and ÕÜÄÖ

These chars in the subject line are replaced with X by what I assume
to be Cyrus. (The mails go through Fetchmail, Postfix, Cyrus and
Thunderbird and yes, it could be any one of them, but my bet is on
Cyrus at the moment.)

What's funny is that subject lines with UTF-8 encoding render just
fine are not replaced with any X-chars. So I get a lot of lovely
squigglies with Asian spam.

It's not that big of a problem, really, just that with a lot of mail
with a large number of large Xs in the subject line, my inbox looks
like it's full of porn spam. Help?


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