How to suppress "Couldn't find mech CRAM-MD5" message

Rosenbaum, Larry M. rosenbaumlm at
Mon Mar 13 11:32:26 EST 2006

> From: info-cyrus-bounces at [mailto:info-cyrus-
> bounces at] On Behalf Of Chris Hilts
> > We don't support CRAM-MD5, but we don't want to be warned every time
> > somebody tries to use it.  Cyrus SASL was compiled without CRAM-MD5
> > support.  Here is some other configuration information:
> Is Cyrus reporting it can do CRAM-MD5 in the CAPABILITY response?


>  What
> have you got your "sasl_mech_list" set to?

It's not set at all.  Would setting it make the warnings go away?

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