Strange quotas

Arnaud Launay asl at
Thu Mar 9 04:56:42 EST 2006


I'm running into a "strange" problems using quotas under Cyrus
2.2 (haven't tried 2.3 yet).

I'm using virtual domains and I've defined domain-wise quota, like
sq @domain.tld 100000
and under @domain.tld, I have certain users who have quotas too, like
sq user/foo at domain.tld 5000
and some others who have no quotas.

The users without quotas have the quotaroot updated when they get
a new mail, but the users with quotas only get their own quotas
updated when they get a message; the quotaroot isn't updated.

Am I missing something, is this a normal thing ?

I would have expected something like

domain (quota XXXX)
+--- user1 (quota Y)
+--- user2 (no quota)
+--- user3 (quota Z)
+--- user4 (no quota)

With quota XXXX the number that u1+u2+u3+u4 can't go beyond, but
it appears that this particular number is right now XXXX+Y+Z,
which is obviously not what I expected...


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