Syslog errors

Kurt Laurinaitis kli4561 at
Sun Mar 5 18:09:52 EST 2006

> well .1 is your previous log FYI (not the active log) ... that's jsut 
> an aside, response is inline...
That is what I thought until I looked at the date and the date was this 
morning at 2 am so something was extremely wrong if it could fill up 
that log so fast.

> It sounds like you enabled the pop3s and imaps services without any 
> certs to go with them.  Either disable them in your cyrus.conf file, 
> or correctly setup their certs in imapd.conf.

So far so good when I took them out of cyrus.conf.  I did not have any 
certs setup in imapd.conf so I imagine that is why.  The strange thing 
is they just started to appear this morning ( the errors) but I have 
been running this server for months now.

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