Replication woes with a specific mailbox...

Wesley Craig wes at
Fri Jul 28 09:50:07 EDT 2006

On 28 Jul 2006, at 05:48, Pascal Gienger wrote:
> David Carter <dpc22 at> wrote:
>> Do the mailboxes have the same UniqueID (see cyrus.header files)? The
>> replication engine expects UniqueID to be unique. Cyrus makes a  
>> bit of a
>> hash of renaming user inboxes (user.XXX -> user.XXX.Uni). Removing  
>> the
>> cyrus.header file and running reconstruct should fix the problem.
> That fixed the problem. Thank you! I wonder why these IDs were  
> unique...

We caused that problem in a couple of ways.  Most commonly, when we  
migrated the data from other campus IMAP servers.  The other common  
cause has been restoring from tape.  In both cases, admins routinely  
copy cyrus.header from the INBOX into the newly populated folder.   
Our new procedure is the same, with the additional steps of removing  
the freshly copied cyrus.header after reconstructing and then  
reconstructing again.  In the first reconstruct inserts the mailbox  
into the mailboxes.db.  In the second reconstruct, since mailboxes.db  
lists the folder, reconstruct will recreate the cyrus.header.

You should also be aware that the mailbox ID is the index in the seen  
database for the user, so replication isn't the only thing that's  
impacted by having non-unique mailbox IDs.


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