cyrus-quota -r option : genquotareport

David Brown david at
Fri Jul 28 07:36:24 EDT 2006

Apple OSX Server 10.4.7

I occasionally get the following system.log message repeated every  

Jul 27 08:52:20 servername sudo: root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=7 ;  
USER=cyrusimap ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/cyrus/bin/cyrus-quota -r

This repeats every minute for sometimes hours and eventually stops  
after this system.log message (or several, at the same time)

Jul 28 11:51:03 servername imap[15434]: idle for too long, closing  

 From the cyrus source code, the -r option calls 'genquotareport',  
which in turn triggers the system.log sudo message. However, I cannot  
figure out why this is being called every minute and I'm concerned it  
might be a symptom of some other problem.

All users with mail enabled have quota set to 0 (no quota).

Anyone enlighten me further?

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