High availability email server...

Chad A. Prey prey at salk.edu
Thu Jul 27 16:42:24 EDT 2006

OK...I'm searching for strategies to have a "realtime" email backup in
the event of backend failure. We've been running cyrus-imap for about a
year and a half with incredible success. Our failures have all been due
to using junky storage.

One idea is to have a continuous rsync of the cyrus /var/spool/imap
and /var/lib/imap to another server

I've also considered delivering email to two discreet email backends and
keeping the /var/lib/imap file sync'd . I don't think I can use murder
to do this.

Is anyone out there using RHEL in a cluster that would like to share
their architecture? Any contractors out there that want to get paid to
help us implement?

Chad P.
cprey at salk.edu
Salk Institute for Biological Studies


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