performance issue (imap spool on san)

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Wed Jul 26 17:00:34 EDT 2006

Hi Sebastian!

I just can (and so I will) believe your statements about mulberry,
because it's dead and my users and I cannot get or use it legally
anywhere. So it has disqualified itself. Sadly, I want to add.

I heared a lot good things about this one, and I could imagine that this
one could have become my alternative to thunderbird.


Sebastian Hagedorn schrieb:
> Hi,
> let me start by saying that I'm basically always on high-speed Internet
> connections and keep my mailboxes relatively small. So I haven't had bad
> experiences with Thunderbird in that regard. I still don't use it, but
> that's not the issue here.
> -- Daniel Eckl <deckl at> is rumored to have mumbled on 26. Juli
> 2006 21:31:40 +0200 regarding Re: performance issue (imap spool on san):
>> In a graphical client you want to be able to scroll through your whole
>> message list without any delay. So I think there is no other chance but
>> caching all header information of a folder. On low bandwith situations
>> it seems to be impossible for me to do this on demand only.
> Well, you don't know Mulberry then. It has a GUI and is very adaptable
> to any kind of network situation and it doesn't cache anything! You do
> have to tweak it, however. It doesn't auto-configure, but there are
> *many* settings to play around with. Obviously that's both a blessing
> and a curse.
>> I was searching for a full featured graphical IMAP client for a long
>> time and tried everything and I have to say: Not only is thunderbird an
>> IMAP client, it is the best graphical IMAP client I could find in the
>> whole Linux and Windows world.
> Unfortunately that's not saying much ... it's just too bad that the only
> decent IMAP GUI client isn't developed further. I have hopes for
> Thunderbird 2, but I have a feeling that I will continue to use Mulberry
> for a long time ...
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