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Greg A. Woods woods-cyrus at
Wed Jul 26 16:33:21 EDT 2006

At Sun, 23 Jul 2006 23:37:41 +0100,
Mark Hellman wrote:
> Do you think a RAID array like this one:
> would be adequate for storing Cyrus mailboxes?

Using a SCSI host interface isn't going to be nearly so flexible as
using a Fibre Channel one, especially in the longer run (e.g. if you
ever want to add more storage, more storage controllers, share them
amongst multiple hosts, add backup devices and also share them between
hosts, etc., etc., etc.).

It might be possible to make it a tiny bit cheaper in the short run --
however cheap FC host adapters are probably just as fast and usable as
cheap U320 adapters, but good and powerful U320 adapters are likely as
expensive as good and powerful FC adapters.  U320 seems more finnicky
than FC to me too.

That particular storage array looks adequate -- at least for some
unspecified combination of Cyrus users and storage capacity.  :-)

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