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Martin G.H. Minkler minkler at
Fri Jul 21 12:33:19 EDT 2006


Being quite happy with cyrus, there are nice to have issues that are 
maybe already there but my knowledge is just too limited to grasp them.

- is it possible to have cross-realm authentication using STARTTLS+plain?

testuser1 at mail.customerdomain1.tld // a user

testuser1 at mail.customerdomain2.tld // a completely different user with 
the same username (testuser1) but a different realm 
(customerdomain2.tld) who has different auth data than 
testuser1 at mail.customerdomain1.tld

testuserxyz at

- is it possible (probably not, wouldn't make sense) to use multiple 
SSL-certificates for multiple realms (in order to canonically implement 
the TLS layer and the auth mentioned above)?

- is it possible to group user mailbox trees beneath a customer (who 
would be the top level mailbox owner?

user	/customer1	/user1

user	/customer2	/user1

If so, what would the sasl setup lookup like?

I imagine the user login to be sth. like 
customer2/user3 at mail.customerdomain2.tld?

- Is it possible to define just one quota as the sum of a subset of 
I.e. 'sq /user/customer1 102400' so that one customer with multiple 
boxes has one quota that the sum of his boxes may not exceed? This is 
again assuming that the tree setup mentioned above would be possible

- What other "kinds" of mailboxes beside the "user" branch are there 
anyway? Pub?
Can I create my own?
Can I call a top level mailbox by another name than the user name stored 
in sasldb
Outlook expects the Junk-E-Mail folder to be on the same level as the 
Inbox and I couldn't so far get Outlook's junk filter to work properly, 
despite the "download complete mail and attachment" setting. Any tricks?

- Are there FMs to R? I couldn't for the life of me find any detailed 
documentation or howto for sasl2 and cyrus 2.x - the OReilly book 
"managing IMAP" - despite being very helpful in understanding basic 
concepts - is somewhat outdated.

TIA for answering those newbie questions.

best regards


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