hardware recommendations for MURDER?

Vincent Fox vbfox at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jul 20 18:11:32 EDT 2006

> Just curious, and not to start any religious wars, but if you're  
> going to go so far as buying the Sun hardware (which is quite good),  
> what's keeping you from running Solaris 10 x86?

Woah there! Several replies so far seem to think I made up my mind. I used
the word "leaning" only to indicate a default ignorant stance.  I'm still
very interested in other opinions!

Solaris 10 is of course of interest, as are a number of other choices.  I
have Solaris 10u2 on a system under my desk. The whole mail-server
architecture is a sufficiently chewy ball of wax, that it deserves some
consideration when committing funds to a setup that will (hopefully) endure
for some years.

I have to read up on ZFS though, haven't really tinkered with it. If I am
just running a conventional bunch of backends with local-attached disks of
 normal sizes, is  ZFS still of benefit to me?

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