hardware recommendations for MURDER?

Robert Banz banz at umbc.edu
Thu Jul 20 17:42:44 EDT 2006

> My personal leaning is towards Sun hardware with RHEL4 but I wanted  
> to get
> some fresh opinions. Thought this topic worth a rehash since 2004  
> data is
> useful but not current enough IMO.
>> (sun just announce a 3u dual proc 16G ram box with
>> 24TB
>> of disk space for ~$70k for example)
> I admit a fear of multi-terabyte filesystems and their long check  
> times
> when things go south.  Perhaps there is some configuration of this  
> that is
> safe?

Just curious, and not to start any religious wars, but if you're  
going to go so far as buying the Sun hardware (which is quite good),  
what's keeping you from running Solaris 10 x86?  We've actually been  
migrating most of our Linux services to Solaris for it's much more  
mature storage management capabilities, and from an enterprise  
administration point of view, more stable operating environment.

We haven't started our testing with Cyrus, but we're optimistic that  
Sun's ZFS, especially with it's on-disk compression, will for a great  
Cyrus mail storage backend.


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