Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.7 Released

Timo Veith tv at
Tue Jul 18 08:55:30 EDT 2006

Am Dienstag 11 Juli 2006 03:19 schrieb Ken Murchison:
> I am pleased to announce the release of Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.7.  This
> release should be considered late beta quality, reflecting that most
> large bugs have been resolved, but some small buglets might still
> remain.
> This release fixes problems with replication and virtual domains as
> well as a byte-alignment problem on 64-bit machines.
> Please note that replication still does not work correctly for
> mailboxes which have the IMAP CONDSTORE extension enabled on them. 
> Since most, if not all, mainstream IMAP clients still do not have
> support for CONDSTORE, this deficiency in Cyrus IMAP should not impact
> many sites. It is expected that the next release will properly support
> replication of CONDSTORE-enabled mailboxes.
> For full details, please see doc/changes.html and
> doc/install-upgrade.html which are included in the distribution.
> URLs for this release:
> or
> Questions and comments can be directed to
> info-cyrus at (public list), or
> cyrus-bugs at


do I recall correctly that there was a mail in the archive where the 
possibility of add the autocreate patch to a newer cyrus version? 
Something was about to be changing in the murder code or so and thatfore 
it could be possible or so.

How far has this issue come?

Kind regards,

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