anthentication problem with Cyrus::IMAP::Admin;

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Sun Jul 16 10:39:07 EDT 2006



I am having an authentication problem with Cyrus::IMAP::Admin;


I could not create a mailbox and did not understand the problem until today.
The problem is that I can only create and delete mailboxes at
(for example).


I am authenticating with user cyrus and not cyrus at



$rc = $cyrus->authenticate(-mechanism => 'login', -user => $imapuser,
-password => $pass);

$imapuser is 'cyrus'


I can see in maillog that I am being authenticated as cyrus at


With cyradm when I authenticate with cyrus, I can manage all domains, and,
of course, when I authenticate with cyrus at, I can only manage the space.


What is interesting, is that when I set ACL to 'all' for a mailbox, if does
get set as user cyrus, but I can't delete the mailbox without setting the
ACL as cyrus at and then I can delete it.


Here, if $imapuser is 'cyrus', I can set the ACL, and I can view it with
cyradm, but I can't delete the mailbox.

$acl{$imapuser} = "all";

$cyrus->setacl($mbox, %acl);



but if I change $imapuser to include the domain

$acl{$imapuser . "\"} = "all";

I can delete the account.


There is probably a much easier way to see who I am as user.


This scripted worked fine with our older version of cyrus with the exception
of changing from "user." to "user/"


Thanks, Jerry

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