Posting into cyrus shard folder doesn´t work...

Anthony Messina amessina at
Sat Jul 15 17:51:03 EDT 2006

Kellermann, Jan wrote:
> Hi,
> i try to the short version.....
> i fetch my mail with fetchmail an post them into shared folders like
> shared+info at mydomain.lokal <mailto:shared+info at mydomain.lokal>
> That works fine.
> Now i want to post in another shared folder like
> shared+Admin at mydomin.lokal <mailto:shared+Admin at mydomin.lokal> but that
> doesn work because the mailbox shared.admin does not exist and the mail
> goes to inbox.
> If i rename the subfolder Admin (with uppercase "A") of user Shared to
> admin (with lowercase "a") then all woks fine.
> Is there a solution to post into uppercase written subfolders?????
> Thanx for reading this mail

most likely, your MTA is down casing the recipient.  this is the case
with postfix.  i am not certain about sendmail.  you probably need to
configure your MTA to preserve letter cases, if possible.

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