Is there a solution ti admin Cyrus ACL´s over webinterface?

Kellermann, Jan Kellermann at
Fri Jul 14 20:32:40 EDT 2006

is there any solution to admin the Mailbox ACL´s over a Webinterface?
It´s a lot of work to do this manualy by comandline for a lot of users.
Or is there a way that i didn´t know?
I want to have some shared folders. To do this, i have a user "shared" with the subfolders like admin, info, general, openforall
Now i get the email´s from the provider with fetchmail, and post them into the subfolders like shared+info at mydomain.lokal.
All of this works fine, but here begins the problem. How to manage the 60 Users ACL´s for this subfolders?
Did I realy have to define all the rights maualy on comandline for each mailbox?
Is there a way to build groubs in cyrus? F.e. a admin group with 6 people in it and grand read access for this group to shared.admin???
I use web-cyradm for building the mailsystem in addition with postfix and all the other normal stuff like mysql sasl2 apache2. All on a debian sarge.
Thanks a lot for reading this mail!
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