Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.7 Released

Andre Böhm andre at
Wed Jul 12 20:11:38 EDT 2006

Ken Murchison schrieb:
> André Böhm wrote:
>> Hello,
>> after upgrading from 2.2.13 to 2.3.7, I have a very worrying problem
>> with lmtp.
>> When procmail tries to deliver mail via the "deliver" command, with
>> the "-a" option I get "master[96435]: process 99783 exited, signaled
>> to death by 11".
>> This is only on murder master and murder frontends. On the backend
>> seems not to be any problem.
>> Without the "-a" argument, deliver does work, but I cannot use any
>> extensions anymore because ACL for anyone would be needed.
>> What can I do to fix this? Or is there some changes in LMTP I were not
>> aware of?
> Just to clarify, you only have this problem on frontend (proxy) machines
> when using the -a option?

Sorry, my information was incomplete and not quite correct. Now I think
I mixed up two different things, but they may be connected.

On the frontend/proxy, the main problem is that delivery to the postuser
fails, with lmtpunix reporting: "verify_user() failed: Mailbox does not
The problem with "signalled to death" happened 4 times as in syslog, but
I cannot repeat it.

On the murder master, the same problem exists with the postuser.
Additionally, attempts to use the -a parameter with deliver always
result in this:
lmtpunix[28915]: accepted connection
lmtpunix[28915]: lmtp connection preauth'd as postman
mupdate[5989]: cmd_find(fd:13, user.andre)
master[5981]: process 28915 exited, signaled to death by 11
master[5981]: service lmtpunix pid 28915 in BUSY state: terminated

But when I leave out the -a parameter, delivery is a success:

lmtpunix[29291]: accepted connection
lmtpunix[29291]: lmtp connection preauth'd as postman
mupdate[5989]: cmd_find(fd:16, user.andre)

Not any sign of problems on the backends.

Installation is on FreeBSD 4.11 jails from ports cyrus-imapd23 for the
backend and murder master. The frontend is on FreeBSD 5.5/amd64 jail.

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