INTERNALDATE one hour in future for sent message

Jim Brett jimbrett099 at
Wed Jul 12 18:47:55 EDT 2006

>> Unix systems should be run in GMT/UTC (almost the 
>> same thing; GMT is _not_ British time").
>> You then use $TZ in the environment, or some OS-dependent 
>> way of setting 'localtime' (eg, a symlink /etc/localtime, 
>> or some other method) to let programs show the time in 
>> the local zone.  That's normally handled by libc.

Machine's internal clock is (and has always been) in UTC. TZ 
environment variable is set (in /etc/TIMEZONE) to US/Eastern 
which supposedly does automatically handle timezone change. From
what I can tell by comparing files found in /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo, 
US/Eastern is same as setting to EST5EDT (to test this I changed 
setting TZ in TIMEZONE file to EST5EDT and rebooted. Same behavior 
as if TZ set to US/Eastern).

>> It's really just asking the operating system for 
>> "the current time", so the OS is not using GMT.

IS there any way of verifying that INTERNALDATE has access/is using TZ
environment variable i.e. are we setting/using it correctly?  Some here 
are thinking that it sounds like it might be a cyrus bug if changing 
the server time changes the behavior.

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