Am I using the correct commands to generate the certificates?

Jim John jimjohnlists at
Tue Jul 11 13:32:42 EDT 2006

I am using dev-libs/openssl-0.9.7i on gentoo. I run
 cd /etc/ssl/misc
 ./ -newca
 ./ -newreq
 ./ -sign
 I can't find any errors in the postfix logs, but the imap error is  
 unable to get certificate from '/etc/ssl/private/newcert.pem'
 my imapd.conf has
 tls_ca_path: /etc/ssl/private
 tls_cert_file: /etc/ssl/private/newcert.pem
 tls_key_file: /etc/ssl/private/newkey.pem
 Thereis only 3 files in /etc/ssl/private
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