Berkeley DB upgrade?

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Tue Jul 11 12:25:52 EDT 2006

Paul Boven wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm planning an upgrade from a Cyrus-2.2.8 to Cyrus-2.2.12. However, we
> will also be upgrading Berkeley from 4.1.25 to 4.4.20 because of some
> performance issues with the first.
> So now I'm wondering: should I call db_upgrade from Berkeley on each of
> these databases? And which databases exactly would that be? This is a
> stock standard 2.2.8, with no specific backends mentioned in the
> imapd.conf or compiled in. What are the filenames/locations where I
> should find Berkeley db files?
> Some candidates:
> /var/imap/mailboxes.db - but Berkeley-db fails to recognise that file,
> so I can't dump it.
> /var/imap/annotations.db - same problem.
> /var/imap/tls_sessions.db is a Berkeley db-file, but one I could afford
> to wipe during the upgrade.
> /var/imap/deliver.db is a Berkeley db-file, but also one I could affort
> to wipe.


If it where me I would downgrade your bdb back to 4.1.25 so that you can
read the files then export them to text format.  Once you upgrade cyrus,
 import them into skiplist format and be done with bdb.

I have a fairly large system and was always bumping into bdb problems so
about a week ago I finally decided to go to skiplist format and haven't
looked back.

Skiplist should also make things easier next time you upgrade since it
doesn't depend on external libraries and their versions.


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