Cyrus IMAPd 2.3.7 Released

Дейтер Александр Валери Дейтер Александр Валери
Tue Jul 11 11:10:38 EDT 2006

Ken Murchison wrote:

>> This release cannot work on Solaris 9 64-bit. Cyrus-IMAP build in 64-bit
>> mode with SUNWspro cc (SUN Studio 11):
>> # su - cyrus -c /usr/local/sbin/reconstruct user.devel
>> Bus Error - core dumped
> Just to clarify, the dump below is from v2.3.7 reconstruct?

Yes of course. I build package from cyrus-imap-2.3.7 with only one patch:

--- sieve/bc_emit.c.orig        Mon Jul 10 12:57:58 2006
+++ sieve/bc_emit.c     Mon Jul 10 12:58:40 2006
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
 void dump(bytecode_info_t *d);

-inline int write_int (int fd, int x)
+static inline int write_int (int fd, int x)
     int y=htonl(x);
     return (write(fd, &y, sizeof(int)));

Patch it is necessary for compile with SUN cc.

Thanks a lot!

Alex Deiter

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