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Am Di, den 11.07.2006 schrieb alexp at um 14:56:

> Alexander thanks a lot for help.
> >Install Cyrus-IMAPd together with the Perl modules inside
> > /usr instead of /usr/local.
> how do i do that? how do i tell configure where to place modules?
> > Don't you run an OS with a package manager? Then package Cyrus-IMAPd.
> I have RH Fedora Code 2 running on my box, but did install using sources.
> thanks

Your distribution is called "Fedora Core 2" (it is not a Red Hat
product). Said that, the solution is easy: remove all part of
Cyrus-IMAPd which you installed from sources. Then go to

and rpmbuild from Simon's great src.rpm. The install of the resulting
binary rpms is painfree then and makes you happy.



P.S. Hope you know that FC2 is EOL since a long time, though it is
security supported by Though that support will end
soon (probably within a few months, as when FC6 will be released). I
recommend to not use FC2 as a base for a new mail server. If you choose
current FC5 you can get Cyrus-IMAPd packaged from Fedora Extras 5.

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