cyradm and cyrus administrator login

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at
Mon Jul 10 15:58:34 EDT 2006

Jim John wrote:
> I set up cyrus and cyradm with openldap so that users are authenticated 
> using openldap, but I am unable to login as the root/cyrus user. I did 
> not include this user in the ldap. Regular users have no problem logging 
> in. But I need to use the cyrus user and cyradm to create the mailboxes. 
> I thought having "admins: cyrus root" was enough in the imapd.conf file 
> and generating the passwords, or do I need to add these users to ldap 
> too? Thanks for any help.

What sasl mechs did you include in your imapd.conf?  If you only have 
login and plain cyrus will authenticate against the ldap for your admin 
user too.  You have to add a mechanism (e.g. cramd5) that uses e.g. the 
sasldb2 file.

Increase the log level of sasl to see what mechanisms it uses when 
trying to authenticate as the cyrus user.

What is the contents of the sasldb2 file?  Use sasldb2listusers (or 
something like that.)

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