Mailstore filesystem

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at
Mon Jul 10 14:31:10 EDT 2006

thus Michael Loftis spake:

> I'd be very careful with softupdates.  If you shut down uncleanly for 
> any reason in the past it has caused *SEVERE* loss of data for me.  Not 
> just once, but many many times.  It has gotten much better but I haven't 
> put it to the test lately at all.

softupdates turned to be very stable for me at least running on decent 
hardware, and well configured hardware. most important is to avoid 
stupid configuration of hard disc caches (e.g. write cache enabled) in 
such environments, as they greatly increase failure rate while almost 
getting not the slightiest performance gain (try running bonnie, e.g.).

i run NetBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD with softupdates. never had trouble, 
even with a machine stressed by repeated power failures (yes, 
malfunctioning UPS)...



> --On July 10, 2006 10:17:57 AM -0400 Forrest Aldrich <forrie at> 
> wrote:
>> For the record... what about file systems for the mail spool on non-linux
>> systems, such as FreeBSD, et al.
>> I've read a number of documents that addressed (classic) Usenet-based
>> activity (applicable to cyrus) - most agree that FreeBSD UFS+SoftUpdates
>> performs very well.

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