2.3.6: cannot administer the murder

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Mon Jul 10 12:33:14 EDT 2006

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006, Andrew Findlay wrote:

> I am having great difficulty in getting cyradm to work properly
> with a 2.3.6 murder. This is a 'standard' murder with separate
> front-end, backends, and mupdate server. 'virtdomains: userid' is in
> effect. Operations done by ordinary users are OK; I only have trouble
> with admin ops.
> Problem 1: creating top-level user mailboxes.
> 	I connect to the front-end with cyradm:
> 	/usr/local/cyrus/bin/cyradm -user zqvh_admin fe1.srv.tile
> 	Things like listmailbox work OK. However, if I try to create
> 	a new user on a specified backend server:
> 	fe1.srv.tile> cm user/n7 at fred.com ms1.srv.tile
> 	createmailbox: Permission denied
> 	(If I leave out the backend name, the mailbox gets created on
> 	the frontend and then things get *really* confusing.)
> 	This permission denied is very odd, as I can connect directly
> 	to the mailstore ms1.srv.tile and authenticate as either the
> 	main admin user or as the frontend proxy user and create the
> 	mailbox with no trouble. I enable protocol logs on the
> 	message store, and found this:

In my testing and experience, you can only create new mailboxes by 
connecting directly to the backend server that you want the mailbox stored 

I use a simple plaintext authentication system without virtual domains.


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