metapartition information request

Matt Bernstein mb--cyrus at
Sun Jul 9 18:15:19 EDT 2006

On Jul 7 Ken Murchison wrote:

> Matt Bernstein wrote:
>> Am I missing something?
> Sorry, I was.  No, you can't have more than 1 metapartition per partition.

OK, that's a shame. Is anyone else on this list as greedy as I am? :)

For now, I've set up a metapartition just for the squat index files (on 
slower drives) which has at a stroke saved 8G from the main partition.

I've immediately noticed a bug in either imapd or squatter.

One of my users created a new mailbox, and imapd only created the 
directory on the main partition, not on the metapartition. Along comes 
squatter -s, and it can't find the existing cyrus.squat file as the 
directory doesn't exist on the metapartition.

Creating this directory by hand allows squatter to complete.

I'm not sure which of imapd or squatter should be fixed, but it ought to 
be trivial in the former case and almost trivial (think mkdirhier) in the 

Hope this is helpful


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