plussed-users in virtual domain (i.e. with domain appendix)?

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at
Fri Jul 7 03:32:21 EDT 2006


tho i read release docs and changelogs of recent cyrus releases i'm
still not sure whether it supports those in the meanwhile.

as i read, cyrus supports


(which is fine for a server that only handles mail for one domain), i
don't see that it supports

blah+user at virtual-a.tld, blah+user at virtual-b.tld etc.

how's the status here? i'd like to use cyrus 2.2.x, but if 2.3.x is 
mandatory to use this scenario, i'd risk it ;)

(i'm asking because i'd like to integrate dspam so that it delivers
mails into appropriate cyrus accounts directly. i still have to make
sure dspam supports this...)



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